Singing Lessons

in Hyde, Manchester

Singing Lessons in Manchester

I believe that anyone with a voice has the ability to sing, and that everyone can be taught to sing well.  My singing lessons are very much student orientated, focusing each lesson on whatever short or long term goal the student has in mind. Short term goals can include improving breath control, tone quality or working on the range of the voice. Long term goals can include working towards a performance or an exam.

Personally, I am a classically trained singer so I specialise in Opera, Art Songs, Oratorio and Folk Songs. However, I can teach singing within other genres including Jazz, Rock, and Pop.

Singing lessons last either 30 minutes or 1 hours, and take place at my home in Hyde (near Manchester & Glossop).

Lessons are currently charged at £19 and £29 respectively and are block booked in advance.

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